risparmiare energia con KillerWatt Shadow

KillerWatt Shadow 302 is born! The new system will have a new important function:
It will be able to measure, store and display on the WEB also the consumption of the individual equipment used.

Do you need to know how much energy your old fryer consumes to compare it to the consumption of a new one you want to buy?
KillerWatt Shadow 302 is able to do it!

Do you really need to know how much it consumes a dishwasher in a working season?
KillerWatt Shadow 302 is able to do it!

KillerWatt Shadow 302 is your right partner for energy management. It puts you in a position to know in detail the consumptions of the various areas of your structure (kitchen, laundry, saunas, etc.), allows you with the Shadow optimization software to save energy (KWH), allows you to control the maximum point of withdrawal (KW And now also know in detail the consumption of individual equipment.

Electricity is too expensive to “leave” without control!
KillerWatt Shadow is the right solution.