Veerbo helps you reduce electricity costs

Veerbo Srl – GmbH operates in the field of electrical engineering by designing:

  • Systems for the measurement, control and optimization of electricity consumption for hotels, restaurants and professional laundries;

  • Systems for the control and automation of machinery;

  • High efficiency Energy systems.

Slide it is demonstrated that through an exact knowledge of one's ENERGY needs Slide and by using a system which allows targeted WITHDRAWAL management Slide it is possible to significantly reduce electricity COSTS in any company

Thanks to our long-term experience of plant design in the catering and professional washing sectors we have developed programs and documentation to be combined with suitable equipment that allows knowledge and management of power consumption and management costs in a simple and immediate way, allowing for the optimization of the former and reducing the latter while simultaneously obtaining a rational use of energy in respect of the environment.

When consumption becomes visible, waste does not remain hidden

What we propose is to review with a new approach

the possibility to control and contain the electricity consumption of the equipment you use in your hotel or restaurant facilities.

We would like to introduce you to our Systems:

KillerWatt®, E-logiController®, ControlPeak® Systems can:

  • Manage the electricity consumption of entire structures such as hotels, restaurants, professional laundries, retirement homes, hospitals, etc. to achieve significant energy savings (kWh) and control the maximum pickup point (kW) with the targeted and intelligent management of all the most important equipment, electricity consumers used.

  • Read and store the energy used, either total or by zones, and display these values in tables and graphs via Ethernet or on our website.

We analyze free of charge the status of electricity consumption of companies wishing to equip themselves with a System of Measurement, Control and Optimization,

to establish the possibility and extent of energy savings to be achieved, with respect to the possible savings calculated, we estimate the costs of the system.