The right system to control and reduce consumption in small and large hotel establishments.

Optimisation and electricity consumption saving

Like a “shadow”, with the software Shadow® it analyses and optimizes electricity consumption at all times, automatically determining which energy value to be used at any time of the day perfectly in tune with the real amount of work done to achieve the maximum possible savings.

  • Optimizes and saves electricity.

  • Measures and displays electricity consumtion.

  • Analyzes electricity consumption.

  • Monitors the quality of electricity

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Measure, Control, Analyze and Display Power Consumption total or by zones.

View where you consume to see where you can save!

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Veerbo E-logi-Controller® System!

E-logi Controller® controls the amount of energy you use.

E-logi Controller® Power Quality

The best system to control and save the electricity

used in your hotel establishment.