KillerWatt Shadow® Power Quality Analyzer

the new savings and quality control of electricity!

Without control over your consumption! Without control over the energy purchased!

Interruptions, voltage holes, overvoltages, frequency variations, imbalances, harmonics, all these disturbances can cause important problems to the functionality of the equipment used in your work; they can damage them or make their use difficult. All these disturbances, normally, happen quickly (even less than 20 thousandths of a second) and not perceptible to the human eye but extremely harmful to electronic equipment and the electrical system!

The day 24.12.15 to our surveillance technician has arrived an SMS alert
“Power Quality Problem from the KillerWatt® System installed at a Hotel in Vipiteno”.
The technician connected to the system via his web server interface and could see that the minimum phase / phase voltage had dropped, several times for a few seconds, to 256 v and the phase / neutral voltage to 150 v !!
This data is recorded and archived with an event date and time in the memory of the KillerWatt® System and published on the WEB the next day in password-protected pages for the client.
When the customer was called, he confirmed that he had had problems with many of the equipment used in the structure and the generator was constantly requested to leave, but he did not understand the motivation; in the following days, from the recorded data, it was seen that in the moments of maximum withdrawal (kW) the problem recurred as there were supply problems on the part of the Energy Company.
Waiting for a solution from the Supplier Authority in the KillerWatt® System, a parameter has been inserted so that when the power exceeds an Ampere limit value on one of the power supply phases, the functionality of the laundry equipment was deactivated. In this way the usable power was limited and the voltage remained in the right values ​​and considerable problems were avoided in the operation of all the equipment used in the structure.